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When Do We Need Emergency Tree Services?

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You may have seen a tree service company advertising for emergency tree services and wondered, “what are emergency tree services? How on earth would you need urgent help with a tree?” Well that’s what we’re here to tell you about. There are plenty of scenarios in which a tree might need to be removed urgently. And here are a couple:

  1. Fallen trees. Trees that are sickly or damaged by the weather could pose a risk to your property or person if it were to fall. By getting rid of it you’ll be making sure that nobody gets hurt, keeping your property safe, avoiding accidents with electrical wires that might occur as the result of an old tree falling.
  2. Post storm. Storms or heavy winds can tear trees apart, sending branches flying and even toppling trees at times. After storms is a common time to call for emergency tree removal to get your property cleared up and remove the tree parts in question without further damaging any of your property.
  3. Trees with sicknesses. If you’ve got trees on your property that are sick and go without being treated for a while, it can cause structural instability, weaken the roots and base of the tree, making it likely that the tree will topple and come crashing down on whatever might be in its way. Getting sick trees removed from your property is a great reason to call emergency tree services.

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